Job Description Clients 

  • Feasibility appraisal and sale of 48 Nos. 3-bedroom Alarab properties Limited at Garki. apartments Abuja.
  • Investment appraisal and purchase of 36 Nos. 3-bedroom Garki for African Telecommunications Flats at area 11 & technologies Limited
  • Asset valuation Alarab properties Limited, Abeokuta.
  • Valuation of block Nos. of 7 Nos. 3-bedroom flat, at area 3, Transuniverse Asset Management Garki for the purpose of mortgage loan. Limited
  • Asset valuation of African telecommunications & Technologies

Limited properties

  • Acquisition and Management of Diamond Mortgages Limited Diamond mortgages Limited

Properties Abuja.

  • Feasibility appraisal/joint development of Housing Estate Alarab properties Limited at Garki, 

with Alarab properties Ltd. Abuja.


  • Asset Enumeration, Tagging & Valuation FIRS, North Federal Inland Revenue Service of North-West Region offices Nigeria
  • Valuation of Administrative buildings in Abuja, Lagos & kaduna Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund
  • Compensation Valuation of Land, building crops and economic Ministry of Niger Delta                            trees within right of way on Obehie, Eket Express way.
  • Asset Valuation of Liquidated Banks Nigeria Deposit Insurance Commision
  • Valuation of Tinapa Resorts Ltd, Calabar Land, Building/Assets
  • Valuation of Assets of Aero contractors Coy Ltd 
  • Valuation of Asset of Tonique oil Services ltd AMCON (Asset Management 
  • Valuation of BGL LEXCAP Corporation of Nigeria)
  • Valuation of Buena Vista Estate, Lagos


Some of the recently executed valuation jobs for Banks and other financial, under retainsip, include the following:

Job Description

  • Project Evaluation Diamond Mortgages Limited.
  • Valuation of properties Diamond Mortgages Limited.
  • Valuation of properties Platinum Saving & loan Limited
  • Valuation of properties Aso Saving & Loan Limited
  • Valuation of properties PlatinumHabib Bank Plc
  • Valuation of properties FinBank Plc
  • Valuation of properties FBN Mortgages Limited
  • Valuation of properties Mortgage Guaranty Saving & Loans Ltd
  • Valuation of properties First Bank of Nigeria Plc
  • Valuation of properties Access Bank Plc
  • Asset Valuation/verification Intercontinental Bank Plc
  • Valuation Afribank Plc
  • Valuation of properties Intercontinental Bank Plc
  • Valuation of Assets of Intercontinental Bank Plc Access Bank
  • Valuation of Assets of FCMB Plc First City Monument Bank Plc


  • Valuation of property/Assets for insurance British High Commission
  • Valuation of BNL Estate, Abuja Bouygues Construction Limited(Nigeria)


  • Marketing/Sale of Apo Housing Estate, Gudu FBN Mortgages Ltd
  • Marketing of Platinum Mega Mall Platinum Saving & Loans Ltd
  • Feasibility Appraisal marketing of fair trade mall Afribank Estates Ltd


  • Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria Intercontinental Bank Plc

(AMCON) First City Monument Bank Plc

  • Access Bank Plc Afribank Estates Limited
  • Federal Inland Revenue Service African Telecommunication & Technologies Limited
  • First Bank of Nigeria Plc Alarab Properties Limited
  • Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund Nigeria Deposit  Insurance Commission
  • Diamond Bank Mortgages First Bank Mortgages
  • Platinum Savings & Loans Finbank Plc
  • Bankphb Plc British High Commission.