Owing to the dynamism of real estate investment and investors demand, professionalism is exhibited by providing intelligent investment advice, identification of opportunities, restructuring & feasibility appraisal of proposed investments to obtain the best possible investment strategy.

We offer a wide variety of real estate services highly specialized to aid the client in fulfilling their investment objectives and goals.

Our products and services are tailored and structured on having the client’s utmost needs and requirements in mind. they include the


• Property Evaluation

• Real Estate Investment Appraisal

• Letting/leasing

• Project Management


Valuation is the foundation of nearly all financial decisions, from home mortgages to major investment and corporate financial transactions. Our firm undertakes valuations on landed properties and assets, in accordance with the IVS, IFRS and NIESV standards.

Valuation carried out are for different purposes, which include among others:


Our mortgage valuation aims at providing our client (the lender) an insight into whether the subject property passes a sufficient value to support foreclosure in case of default.

Insurance In carrying out valuation for insurance purposes, we assess the building/assets to provide the reinstatement cost.

Assets Valuations

We are experts in carrying out asset valuation, assessing the month of a company, real property, movable assets of plants, machinery, furniture, fittings, fixtures, vehicles, IT equipment, aircrafts, ship/vessels, security, antique or other items of worth. 

We also take into consideration the acquisition cost & deprival value or asset valuation methods

Property Survey

Our team carry our property survey inspection to determine the property condition as regards structural problem, repairs or alterations if need, finding expert commentary on the property prior to purchase or lease




We carry out evaluation analysis of proposed Real Estate Development project to advice on the feasibility and viability of the project.


We negotiate new leases on the owner’s behalf, after carrying out rental analysis of the subject property. In acting on behalf of the landlord, we work towards establishing a market strategy to get the optimum rental value and good choice ofTenant/Tenants. 

We are also directly involved in planning, development and marketing phases of each project, and building a comprehensive marketing strategy,which include choice of tenants, Rental Value, Lease clause, etc, to achieve our Clients’ business objectives.


We supervise, direct, control and co-ordinate the proprietary interest of our client to achieve a maximum return on investment. the property entrusted in us enjoys the benefit of stability and conductive habitability; and are fortified against possible deterioration or loss in value. our objective is to guarantee security of income to our client by selecting eligible and reliable tenants who will sustain their tenancy contract.

We handle any type of property no matter the architectural complexities and ownership structure. this service also covers public properties, namely, parks/ recreation centers, clubs, government estates. we equally maintain and service corporate individual properties/estates, to foster its aesthetics for healthier environment, apart from giving our client periodic advice and reports on the best possible use of their property, we cary out rental valuation of any subject property, to determine its Rack Annual Rental Value.

“We handle any type of property no matter the architectural complexities and ownership structure.”


We undertake personalized property management service for our clients, protecting their identity from prospective tenants buyers. The above services covers, Acquisition, sale and other general Real Estate services.


Apart from assisting our clients in assembling or acquisition of land or building, we also offer other property development services that border on arrangement of development finance. We provide consultancy services for organization or corporations that are into property development. our design services and research unit also handles the preparation of survey and layout plan of industrial, residential, commercial estates as well as government secretariats to meet a comfortable and convenient estate of a habitable standard.


We carry out the entire development function for clients, acting as development managers or as owner’s representative in managing new construction, expansion, and renovation projects, as project managers, we co-ordinate the entire deign and construction process, oversees the construction team, monitor all expenditures, material deliveries, construction progress and payment to suppliers and crews. 

This aspect of our real estate consulting services include-long lease, corporate real estate and location planning studies, real estate asset allocation analysis, feasibility analysis. strategic planning for acquisition and disposition strategies.


We oversees the daily administration of facilities/installation in a property to ensure efficiency, safety of the property personnel, and effective utilization of the facilities.